What We Do

We help craft brewers and entrepreneurs build brands and breweries by providing the following services.


We provide brewery space along with a dedicated team to help you develop and scale your recipes.


In-house marketing partners will assist you with branding and product design and marketing plan development.

Business Building

Provide aspiring brewmasters with the tools they need for large-scale brewery training, trademark and patent guidance, and accounting and finance.


We help you get your beer to the people through our tasting room and local distribution channels.

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Meet the team

We’re fueled by a passion for business building and craft beer

Michael Anderson Michael Anderson Co-Founder

Michael’s passion for entrepreneurship landed him square in the middle of Milwaukee’s growing start-up community. He has brought his passion for early stage startups to the world of craft brewing by co-founding The Crafters Space. When Michael isn’t burning the midnight oil you might find him working on his 1964 classic boat, fishing, rummaging through local antique stores or smapling a seasonal pint..

John Graham John Graham Co-Founder

John has spent the better part of a decade as a financial analyst for some of Milwaukee’s leading companies. In addition to being a keen business builder, John has been a leading organizer for Newaukee helping to develop the social ecosystem of downtown Milwaukee. John’s combined these experiences with his passion for craft beer to help build a bright future for tomorrows brewer.

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